The rail industry provides unique challenges unknown to other industries particularly the disciplines of Rail Safety and Rail Safeworking.

Construction in the rail corridor is often undertaken close to railway lines where trains operate at speeds up to 160Km/h.

Our Rail Safety experts are former Rail Safeworking Inspectors (Level 12) who have a combined experience of over seventy years in the railway environment. Rail Safeworking Inspectors are unique to the rail industry and over the past 120 years only 100 have qualified to become Rail Safeworking Inspectors. An experienced Safeworking Inspector must study for a period of four years, then undertake a forty hour, extensive examination followed by a minimum of two years infield training. Rail Safeworking Inspectors are considered competent at the conclusion of this six year process.

Whilst other organisations claim Rail Safeworking expertise only Innovative Safety can truly make that claim. In comparison, the current Safeworking Supervisors (Level 3) require only two hundred hours experience in the rail industry.

Innovative Safety Pty Ltd offers our clients a wide range of rail safety services

Innovative Safety offers consulting services to meet the growing demand for specialised railway operational safe-working knowledge and skills. We offer safety-critical support to meet your company's compliance, access and regulatory requirements.

We specialise in tailored high level rail safety knowledge, Safeworking Protection planning arrangements, Signalling Commissioning Management and creating Protection arrangements.

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