Innovative Safety Pty Ltd provides professional, skilled, comprehensive and advisory, management and safety documentation services to the public and private sectors on any issue that is integral to Health & Safety requirements for the organisation.

Innovative Safety Pty Ltd understands people are an organisations most valuable asset. This asset deserves a high standard of protection from the many and varied hazards of the work environment.

This is legislated in the law, which recognises that people at work require protection from potential hazards.

Innovative Safety Pty Ltd offers our clients throughout Australia a customised and personal approach for all safety needs.


Organisations often profess to strive to achieve “Best Practice”, but what does this really mean?

In most organisations this is purely a process of taking a system that is currently in use in another company and transplanting either the entire system or parts of the system. This generally does not equate to Best Practice. Such a system does not tend to survive beyond the hype and fanfare of the introduction, as it has not enough relevance or organisational structure to ensure that the process will work.

The organisations that are in reality working towards “Best Practice”, have the commitment at each level of the organisation, combined with the systems and tools matched to their needs and the necessary structure available to ensure success.

Innovative Safety Pty Ltd is proud to have partnered with organisations utilising our experience and knowledge to incorporate such changes into their own systems.